Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp: Craft Eleven!: Personalized Business Card Holders

Holiday Boot Camp is winding down. Two more  crafts to go. Woo! Feel the burn?!
Ok, enough. Got it.

Today’s Craft: Personalized Business Card Holders

Today’s Tip: Pink is the new red this season. Just ask my friend Betsey Johnson.

Here’s what you need:

-Wooden Letters
-Wooden pieces two sizes. Flat rectangular ones for the bottom and back and small square ones for the “feet.”

-Paint in your giftee’s favorite colors
-Hot glue gun and glue!

Here goes nothing!
Step One:  Pick out your letters. It works best if you use a set of three so try and find out their middle name otherwise you can put a shape. Three pieces really does look and work the best.
I chose SBD for Someday Baby Designs.

Turn your letters upside down and glue them together using a small dab of glue over the points where they touch. Let them cool.

Step Two: Glue your long flat wood pieces together like so:

Next, glue your cubes underneath to make the feet.
Step Three: Paint your letters. I chose hot pink. Because I’m girly. Get over it. ;)
Paint the back, it doesnt have to be perfect, but at least one coat.

Step Four: Paint your base. I chose to do a fun and funky Zebra print. You can make yours a solid color if you want, to keep it classy.

Step Five: Glue your letters to your base.


Bam! It looks badass doesn’t it?! Ok so its kind of loud but you can totally make yours quiet and subdued. Paint the entire thing black. Or do black and silver. Whatever floats your boat. 
*Make it yours*

See you soon!!
<3 miss Emily!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp: Craft Ten: Tea and Cookies Love!

Boot Camp Craft Ten. My what an adventure. Maybe I should have prepared in advance. YA THINK? haha.

I don't think your ready for this jelly! Actually I mean tea. and cookies.

Today's Craft: Tea and Cookies Kit <3 with love from my heart to your tummy!

Today's Tip: Know when to take shortcuts. Sometimes its ok to save time and thus save sanity.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am mildly obsessed with the idea of life in London. I try and sneak little Englishness into my life here and there. And, let's be real, what's more English than Tea and Cookies??

This tutorial is just an idea. I used some shortcuts here/ things I had on hand to show you guys, but I'll explain as I go what I would really do if I were giving it as a gift.

What you need:

-English Shortbread Cookies (I am super short on time, so I bought some for this tutorial's purpose. You can find a good recipe here.. )

- English Tea (Haha I used Lipton because I already had it at my house. You can use something like

-Plastic Baggies (there is plastic wrap in the photo, but it didn't seal as well as I wanted so I used bags instead).

-Tissue Paper
-Card Stock
-Gift Box

Here's what you do:

Step One: Print yourself some labels. You can use mine if you want, just send me a message :)

Outer Wrap. Print on one side of the column then cut down the center (as the line in the photo shows). This will go around your gift box.

Simply cut these out. They go inside your box :)

Step Two: Tape the inside of your box if you use a paper one like I did.
Step Three: Lay your outer wrap card stock over the box to find out where you need to fold/crease it. Carefully fold your top and bottom pieces and then tape them together using clear tape.

Step Four: Put your cookies in a ziplock bag and arrange them so that they lay flat. Tuck the zipper part underneath the cookies to hide it. Then arrange your tea bags in the box as well. Use an extra piece of card stock as a divider between the two.
Step Five: Decide how you want to arrange your labels/ inserts.

You can put them both on top of the cookies and tea like this and then fold over your paper or....

You can put one inside, fold your tissue, and then put the other on the outside like this.

I chose this method.
Step Six: Put your box top on and slip your cover on. You can choose to leave it like this or add a ribbon like I did.

Tea and Cookies Loves! You can even use a fancy hard top box too if you want. Whatever floats your boat. Let me know what you think about this idea! Also, if you want to borrow my designs for labels, just let me know.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Holiday Boot  Camp!

<3 miss emily

Holiday Boot Camp: Craft Nine: Custom Pen Cup!

Happy Holidays! Welcome to boot camp!

Today's Craft: Custom Pen Cup!

Today's Tip: Crafting custom gifts can be expensive, so try and think of ways to use what you may already have.

Here's what you need:

Here's what you need:

-glass cup for decorating
-glass friendly paint pen
-candy and ribbon for decoration

Here we go!

Step One: Draw on your glass! That's it yo!

I chose to do a monogram on one side, full name on the opposite side. On the other two I drew surfing/ beachy pictures since its for my boyfriend's father who is a total surfer.

I free handed mine but you have print a picture, tape it to the inside of your glass and trace it if that works better for you. You can also use different colors if you want. I chose a simple silver that way if he chooses to use it at work, it still looks classy.

Optional Step Two: Fill the cup! I chose to fill the cup with red and white candies in a treat bag with a nice big red ribbon to top it off.

That is it my loves. Go do it! Then tell me how it went!

 See you *very* soon!
<3 miss emily

Holiday Boot Camp: Craft Eight: Monogram Ornaments

Gooood morning San Diego! (Or whatever city you live in)

Welcome back to Holiday Boot Camp!

Today's Craft: Monogram Ornaments

Today's Tip: Make sure when you're hot gluing that you buy the right sticks for your temperature gun. If you don't your glue will either not get hot enough to melt it or it will get too hot and ooze everywhere.

Let's get this how on the road!:

What you need:
-Small plain letters (I got the whole bag for $2.99 at Wallyworld)
-Red Spray Paint (or regular paint, but this is faster)
-Red Glitter Paint
-Hot Glue Gun & glue.
-Something to put your letters on when you spray them.

Now let's get started:

Step One: Pick out the letters that you want. You can either choose one letter or two and do initials. I am choosing to do two.

Step Two:  Spray paint those suckers!
 Then, let them dry for several hours and then.....

Step Three: Cover them with glitter paint!

Step Four: Once your glitter paint has dried, flip them over and glue the together by placing glue on the parts where they touch and gently spreading it across the two letters.

Step Five: Now glue two evenly cut pieces of ribbon to the back. Let them cool.

Step Six: Once your glue has dried, tie your ribbon into a pretty bow.


Custom, personal ornaments for your amigos! Super fun, super cute, and super affordable.
You can change your colors, add stuff, take stuff away, whatever floats your boat.

Make it yours!

If you happen to make one of those ornaments, post it in the comments so I can see your handiwork/ your take on the whole thing!

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

<3 miss emily <3

Holiday Boot Camp: Day Seven: Hol-lie-day Surprises!

Holiday Boot Camp At Last!

Technical difficulties have kept me away from my blog for far too long!

Question: If I post this just after midnight, but I haven't gone to bed yet, can I still claim this is Saturday's post?


Today's craft is at the request of one of my friends. Her mother would like me to show my take on a holiday/candy/money lei. Soo here goes!

Today's Craft: Happy Holly-lies!

Today's Tip: Technologically inadequate is not sufficient. Huh? Google is your friend...

Here's what you need:
-Holiday colored candies (Any colors will work but make sure you at least get red for the holly berries!)
-plastic wrap
-curling ribbon
-Red Ribbon to finish it off.

Let's get crackin'

Step One: Lay out your plastic wrap across your table. Then evenly(ish) space your candies in a line down the middle of your plastic.

 Step Two: Fold your plastic wrap in half over your candies, making sure that they stay mostly in place. Continue to fold in half until you can no longer do so.
Step Three: Cut your ribbon into 6 inch pieces. The tie a ribbon between each candy leaving the ends free (no bows).

Now curl the ends!
Gently set this to the side of your workspace. Time to make some holly leaves!

Step Four: Take your dollar bill and fold it in half lengthwise. Then do it again, creasing it each time. Unfold one time. Then, fold your corners in towards the raised side of your crease.

Step Five: This part is a little tricky/weird. Starting directly below the folded corner, you are going to pinch in the side of the dollar.

This is going to help to make your dollars look like holly leaves.
Step Six: Fold your dollar on a diagonal twice. This will create the two leaf effect and helps to keep the folded corners hidden.
Step Seven: Now its time to attach the holly leaves to you lei. Tie two pieces of ribbon to your red candies. Then, tie the candy to the lei, slipping the dollar bill leaves in between the candy and the lei.

Step Eight: Add another holly leaf to the other side facing in the opposite direction. This way, when someone wears the lei both sets of leaves will be facing right-side up. Add another holly in the center, facing upward.
Step Nine: Time to tie the ends! Over lap the two ends securing them with a ribbon. Be sure to double knot it so it doesn't fall apart.
Step Ten: Add a fancy bow to the top. The bow will be in the back when worn, but it adds a nice flare overall.

That's it! Easy peasy! P.s. Do you like how I'm big pimping with my one dollar bills? Oh Yea.... You could definitely use like twenties, or hundreds.

Soo I asked my dad if he would mind trying it on so I could check the length. The following ensued:

Happy Holidays Guys! Check back soon for more Holiday Boot Camp!!

<3 emily