Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bow T-shirt upcycle!

So on this gloomy rainy day I wanted to get crafty, but I was not totally hip to the idea of going out in the rain to get to Joann's or Michael's. I have this huge mens T-shirt I've been trying to think of soemthing to do with. Today I decided to just start cutting and see what happened.

Here is what i started with.
Huge Baggy Oversized Tee.
Fitted off-the-shoulder tee with bow detail. <3
I cut in the sides to fit it to my shape a little more. I made a bow out of some of the left over fabric and added it to the top left.

Bow detail.

I wanted to try and use as much of the left over fabric as I could, sooooo I made a headband out of the collar and some more scraps. I don't know that I would ever actually wear them together, but it was nice to get two new peices out of one old, unused T-shirt

Sorry for the lack of makeup, as I said, it was a staying in kind of day haha. I hope you enjoyed my little clothing makeover.

See you soon!

<3 emily 


  1. You're too cute! I still hope that after bootcamp you can do some headband tutorials! yeeeeee :D <3 you --Lauren