Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bridal-Rita Tutorial!

I recently went to a bridal shower for a friend that was actually a lingerie shower. You are supposed to buy the bride-to-be  lingerie for when she's on her honeymoon. I, course, couldn't settle for just buying her something. I had to make her something. But what?

When I was in college, I was in a sorority and we had this tradition of decorate glassware (mostly martini and margarita glasses) for each other for special occassions.

Here is the first one I made when I first joined back in 2008.

It was one of our first "sisterhood"activities. We made glasses and exchaged them. It was super fun.

ANYWAY. Flash forward a few years. I thought, why not carry on this tradition? So. I decided to create her a lingerie shower glass.

I turned this 

Into this:

 Here's What You Need:
-Margarita Glass
- Thick white ribbon
-Blue Ribbon (slightly thinner than your white one).
-Hot Glue
-Glass friendly Paint Pen

First, sew your ribbons together so that you can gather them. This will the ribbons look like a garter, for a heck of a lot less dinero. Like so:

Next, trim your ribbons so that they fit exactly around the bottom curve of your margarite glass. Glue it on. Then make a small bow out of the blue ribbon and attach it to the front center of your glass.

Gather your tulle so that it resembles a vail.

Glue the tulle to the back of your glass,cover the glue with rhinestones on the outside and on the inside.

Lastly, I wrote "Mrs. Rosner" on the front and the bottom I wrote their wedding date.

Excuse the messy table!

The bride and her gift!

And viola! You have your very own customized bride-a-rita glass!

This glass is super easy to customize too. Use different colors, frillier ribbon, lace etc. Go for it! Do whatever floats your boat!

If you like this tutorial, leave a comment so I know it was helpful!

See you next time!
<3 miss emily 

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