Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturdays in San Diego

This Saturday (yesterday), my aunt and I had a booth at a local church's holiday bazaar. My aunt makes AMAZING purses that she sews herself. She's pretty talented with a sewing machine. I took some of the crafts I have been working on lately.

Of course I had to stop and get my caffeine fix. Soy Coffee Frap. <3

The bazaar was supposed to be partially inside and partially outside, but it was raining the whole day so all the vendors were packed in like sardines into the church's rec-hall. The rain also meant that there was not a lot of traffic. But, it was something to do, and I sold a few things.
My Aunt and her awesome bags!

Me and some of my crafts.

Blue and White tutu outfit!

Blue Tutu detail

After the bazaar was over, I went down to La Jolla to have some dinner with some friends. We went to Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery. I had a super yummy veggie burger, and it was great to see some friends and meet new ones!

It was a great Saturday here in San Diego, even if it did rain all freaking day. Here is another picture of my aunt's bags. If you see something you like, feel free to check out or contact her through her etsy page: .
Bags by NonniZu
As always, you can check out my etsy page too

<3 Emily.

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