Monday, November 21, 2011

Starbucks my Love

As an avid coffee drinker and Starbucks addict, I am always reminded that the holidays are drawing near by the Red Holiday Cups. Seeings these makes me so excited because it means that Christmas is getting closer!

But they also make me kind of sad. You see, I have serious aversion to hot coffee. I like my drinks over ice, blended with ice, shaken with ice, whatever. I like it cold ok? Ok. But Starbucks never has holiday cups for the cold drinks. They're the same old, plain old clear cups with the green logo. Even their reusable ones are the same but with a candy striped straw. Ok, thanks for trying, but so not good enough.

I was really upset when the holiday cups came out and once again, no holiday cold cup. I even tweeted @Starbucks about my dismay, but it was to no avail. Another holiday season with the same old stinkin clear cup.

Then. A miracle happened. I actually went into a Starbucks  (my morning Starbucks is a drive through. I'm lazy and the car is warm. What's your point? Anyway..) and low and behold there is was.

A holiday cold cup. The new reusable cold cups for this holiday season are so unbelievably cute. They have a snowy landscape with little christmas trees. Some have little foxes on them.

So presh right? This is the "tall".
 AND! For the tall, the straw changes colors when you drink cold beverages from clear to green stripes. So stinking cute.

The cups are customizable. You can write on them your beverage of choice, so you never have to worry that they didn't mark your cup right ever again.
Cool huh? This is definitely on my Christmas List haha. That is if I don't buy one for myself before they are all sold out. You can buy your own at .

Sadly, buying the reusable cup is still the only way to get Christmas cheer with your cup o joe if you enjoy iced coffee like I do. Wouldn't it be cool if the logo was red and green on the disposable cups? or they had some kind of holiday flare?

I took the liberty of creating my own. using paint. and google images. Ok I think you get it.

Pretty Bad ass huh?
Happy *almost* Holidays!

<3 miss emily

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