Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp: Craft Eight: Monogram Ornaments

Gooood morning San Diego! (Or whatever city you live in)

Welcome back to Holiday Boot Camp!

Today's Craft: Monogram Ornaments

Today's Tip: Make sure when you're hot gluing that you buy the right sticks for your temperature gun. If you don't your glue will either not get hot enough to melt it or it will get too hot and ooze everywhere.

Let's get this how on the road!:

What you need:
-Small plain letters (I got the whole bag for $2.99 at Wallyworld)
-Red Spray Paint (or regular paint, but this is faster)
-Red Glitter Paint
-Hot Glue Gun & glue.
-Something to put your letters on when you spray them.

Now let's get started:

Step One: Pick out the letters that you want. You can either choose one letter or two and do initials. I am choosing to do two.

Step Two:  Spray paint those suckers!
 Then, let them dry for several hours and then.....

Step Three: Cover them with glitter paint!

Step Four: Once your glitter paint has dried, flip them over and glue the together by placing glue on the parts where they touch and gently spreading it across the two letters.

Step Five: Now glue two evenly cut pieces of ribbon to the back. Let them cool.

Step Six: Once your glue has dried, tie your ribbon into a pretty bow.


Custom, personal ornaments for your amigos! Super fun, super cute, and super affordable.
You can change your colors, add stuff, take stuff away, whatever floats your boat.

Make it yours!

If you happen to make one of those ornaments, post it in the comments so I can see your handiwork/ your take on the whole thing!

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

<3 miss emily <3


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