Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp: Craft Eleven!: Personalized Business Card Holders

Holiday Boot Camp is winding down. Two more  crafts to go. Woo! Feel the burn?!
Ok, enough. Got it.

Today’s Craft: Personalized Business Card Holders

Today’s Tip: Pink is the new red this season. Just ask my friend Betsey Johnson.

Here’s what you need:

-Wooden Letters
-Wooden pieces two sizes. Flat rectangular ones for the bottom and back and small square ones for the “feet.”

-Paint in your giftee’s favorite colors
-Hot glue gun and glue!

Here goes nothing!
Step One:  Pick out your letters. It works best if you use a set of three so try and find out their middle name otherwise you can put a shape. Three pieces really does look and work the best.
I chose SBD for Someday Baby Designs.

Turn your letters upside down and glue them together using a small dab of glue over the points where they touch. Let them cool.

Step Two: Glue your long flat wood pieces together like so:

Next, glue your cubes underneath to make the feet.
Step Three: Paint your letters. I chose hot pink. Because I’m girly. Get over it. ;)
Paint the back, it doesnt have to be perfect, but at least one coat.

Step Four: Paint your base. I chose to do a fun and funky Zebra print. You can make yours a solid color if you want, to keep it classy.

Step Five: Glue your letters to your base.


Bam! It looks badass doesn’t it?! Ok so its kind of loud but you can totally make yours quiet and subdued. Paint the entire thing black. Or do black and silver. Whatever floats your boat. 
*Make it yours*

See you soon!!
<3 miss Emily!

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