Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp: Craft Six: Custom Plates and Frustrating Days!

Hello my loves and welcome to Holiday Boot Camp!

As you know, I've been having technical difficulties as of yet. Broke one memory card, erased and then ruined another. Now it seems that the problem all along was my camera. I put a new memory card into my camera. Took a few pictures. Shut it off. Turned it back on. BAM "Memory Card Error".

So until I can get this memory card, camera drama out of the way, I am going to be using my phone camera for photos. I know. Lame, low quality photos. But you'll get the drift.

Today's Craft: Customized Plates

Today's Tip: When all else fails- chocolate.

Inspiration behind this idea:

I don't know about your office, but mine has a kitchen and people are notorious for stealing other people's plates and cups and mugs. So I had this idea, if you gave everyone their own plate with their names on them, then no one would have to steal anyone else's. So why not start this year with plates, then cups for the next holiday, then bowls, then.... well you get it.

Here's what you need:

-Clear Glass Plate (Mine was $1.99 at Walmart)
-PERMANENT Glass friendly makers. (I used "painters" by Elmer's)

Ok so this is pretty much self explanatory, draw on  your plate haha.

But, you're going to want to draw your image on the bottom of the plate so that the image lasts as long as possible.

If you choose to do a monogram like I did, you're going to have to draw it backwards, since your plate will be upside down when you are drawing. I free handed mine, but if it helps you to have a stencil that's cool. If you print an image to trace through the plate, just make sure to mirror it so that when you flip the plate over, its the right directions.

I started by making myself a plate. I used a big E as the main focal point. I then used a zebra pattern to color in the E. When you're making your plate, try and match the design to the person's personality. Pink, Silver, and Zebra: SO me. haha. <3

Here's what it looked like when I was finished drawing.  I added dots around the outside edge to make it fun, and because it looked too plain without them.

Let your plate dry overnight. The next morning flip over your plate and admire your handy work!

You can use whatever pattern or colors you feel work best for the person you are crafting for. You can use round plates or square plates or whatever other shape you may find. Make it yours!

You can also do a matching glass if you'd like.

That's it for tonight babies! Tomorrow I'm going to make several posts to get us close to caught up on our days for the twelve days of crafting. We're on day nine but this is craft six, so I'm hoping I can get us all caught up this weekend!

much love <3 miss emily

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