Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp: Craft Ten: Tea and Cookies Love!

Boot Camp Craft Ten. My what an adventure. Maybe I should have prepared in advance. YA THINK? haha.

I don't think your ready for this jelly! Actually I mean tea. and cookies.

Today's Craft: Tea and Cookies Kit <3 with love from my heart to your tummy!

Today's Tip: Know when to take shortcuts. Sometimes its ok to save time and thus save sanity.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am mildly obsessed with the idea of life in London. I try and sneak little Englishness into my life here and there. And, let's be real, what's more English than Tea and Cookies??

This tutorial is just an idea. I used some shortcuts here/ things I had on hand to show you guys, but I'll explain as I go what I would really do if I were giving it as a gift.

What you need:

-English Shortbread Cookies (I am super short on time, so I bought some for this tutorial's purpose. You can find a good recipe here.. )

- English Tea (Haha I used Lipton because I already had it at my house. You can use something like

-Plastic Baggies (there is plastic wrap in the photo, but it didn't seal as well as I wanted so I used bags instead).

-Tissue Paper
-Card Stock
-Gift Box

Here's what you do:

Step One: Print yourself some labels. You can use mine if you want, just send me a message :)

Outer Wrap. Print on one side of the column then cut down the center (as the line in the photo shows). This will go around your gift box.

Simply cut these out. They go inside your box :)

Step Two: Tape the inside of your box if you use a paper one like I did.
Step Three: Lay your outer wrap card stock over the box to find out where you need to fold/crease it. Carefully fold your top and bottom pieces and then tape them together using clear tape.

Step Four: Put your cookies in a ziplock bag and arrange them so that they lay flat. Tuck the zipper part underneath the cookies to hide it. Then arrange your tea bags in the box as well. Use an extra piece of card stock as a divider between the two.
Step Five: Decide how you want to arrange your labels/ inserts.

You can put them both on top of the cookies and tea like this and then fold over your paper or....

You can put one inside, fold your tissue, and then put the other on the outside like this.

I chose this method.
Step Six: Put your box top on and slip your cover on. You can choose to leave it like this or add a ribbon like I did.

Tea and Cookies Loves! You can even use a fancy hard top box too if you want. Whatever floats your boat. Let me know what you think about this idea! Also, if you want to borrow my designs for labels, just let me know.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Holiday Boot  Camp!

<3 miss emily