Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp: Day Five: Hot Apple Cider and Epic Sad Swear Words

Hey everyone. Welcome back to boot camp! Here we are on day seven, but craft five. I don't know how many people read this that also read the facebook posts so I will share my trials here as well.

So the story goes like this: On Monday I didn't post because I has a reaction to this medicine I'm taking and I was really really sick.

On Tuesday I was posting and my computer reformatted my memory card (without my permission-rude) and deleted all of my boot camp tutorial photos. What followed was a series of tears (I had photos from trips and a friend's wedding) and swear words. Then an epic sigh of defeat.

By the way, if you're keeping track this means I have managed to ruin two memory cards in a one week time span.

Epic. Winning.

So then I had to spend most of last night and a good portion of today toying around with the idea of having to take apart everything I've made to photograph the process again, or simply posting a photo of the finished product and *telling* you guys what to do.

I settled on this: for the simple projects, they will be results photo only. For the complicated projects, I'm going to re-do them and post step-by-step how-to photos. I am going to replace a few of the really complicated ones with requests I've received on new projects, no sense in tearing EVERYTHING apart.

So for tonight: A simple project that is really budget friendly and easy to make in large quantities.

Today's Craft: Hot Apple Drinks with or without mug.

Today's Tip: Back that craft up!

What you need:
-Hot Apple Cider packets like these:
- Treat Bags
-Cute earthy fabric
-Cinnamon sticks
-Card Stock
-Mug (Optional)

What you do:
1. Pour your apple cider mix into your treat bag and tie it off.

2. Cut your fabric into squares that will fit around your treat bags.

3. Tie fabric around treat bag using ribbon or twine.

4. Print out a recipe card. There are usually some cool recipes on the back of the mix boxes. I found one that I really liked and I cut it out and scanned it. Then I made duplicates which I printed on card stock. The drink recipe goes as follows : "Mix 1 cup of hot water with your cider mix. Stir until dissolved. Add one shot of butterscotch schnapps for an even happier holiday. (For a kid friendly version replace schnapps with caramel sauce)."

5. Attach the recipe card to your little satchel using the same ribbon or twine and add a cinnamon stick for added adorableness.

6. You have the option of stopping here, OR you can add a cute mug! Place your mix pouch inside the mug and give it like this!

I have found that hot apple cider is most appealing when served out of a clear mug.

And that's it! Adorable gift! Hot cider sounds so good right now... I wonder if I have any left over packets....

Well, I hope you liked this idea! More ideas to come! Hopefully with better/more photos.

Happy Holidays guys!

<3 miss emily

P.S. If there is anything you'd like to see, just let me know in a comment below or in a message! <3

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