Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp: Day Four: All I want for Christmas is You Baby

Hey peeps!

Welcome to Holiday Boot Camp: Day Four!

We're a quarter of the way through bootcamp already. How is everyone doing? Bored yet? ;)

Welp, let's get started!

Today's Gift/ Craft: Red Present Onesie
Today's Tip: Walmart is your friend. Seriously guys, unless you're buying a specialty ribbon, save yourself a couple dollars per spool at Walmart.

This outfit is SO easy and it looks adorable on. Its a great gift for anyone who has a little one this year. The only thing people love more than presents is babies, so why not combine them? This precious onesie is so easy to make you won't believe it.

What you need:
-  onesie
- ribbon
- needle and thread.
Thats it. I'm serious. SO easy and budget friendly since you probably already have ribbon and thread on hand.

What you do:

Step One: Measure out two peices of ribbon across your onesie as shown. Make sure you leave your ribbon with some slack so baby has room to wiggle and giggle.

Step Two: Sew on your ribbons. For the top corner, flip the fabric flap up and sew your ribbon underneath. That way, when you fold it back down it covers your stitches.

Step Three:  Sew your other ends to the onesie. Remember to leave some slack in the ribbon. Its going to look a little weird on the table, but baby will fill it in just right. Also remember, your stiches are going to be on the outside, so make it pretty. ;)

Step Four: Make a bow with some of the left over ribbon and attach it to the onesie where the ribbons overlap, as if you were tieing the bow onto a present.

And that's it homes. You are done! Adorable onesie present? Check!

Pretty fun huh? I love easy projects. Short term gratification haha. <3

You can change up the colors too. Do a red onesie or green one with white ribbon.( I tried to find red onesies, but there were no plain ones and they were kind of pricey. ) As always, change it up, make it yours!

I hope you guys liked todays Holiday Boot Camp session!

Check back soon for more gifting fun!

<3 miss emily.

WAIT!!  P.S. I made my cousins' adorable little girl some holiday outfits and Sarah actually put Alexa in one for her first picture with Santa! Ugh. YOU GUYS! Its so cute! I feel so warm and fuzzy haha.

Check it out:

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