Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp, Day One: Hot Cocoa Kit with Mug

Welcome to Holiday Boot Camp: Day One!

Today's Gift: Hot Cocoa Kit with Mug!

Today's Tip: Buying in bulk can save you money, most of the time.

Today's gift/craft is going to be one of the easiest because I did all the shopping tonight haha. Think of it as a warm up before your run! Here goes!

I'm sure you've seen those premade hot cocoa coffee mug sets. They're adorable and premade, and if saving time is your priority, go for it!

On the other hand, if you have a lot of people to give gifts to and a little budget to do it with, making your own set may be the better way to go. You can buy the ingredients in bulk, and it will cost you less than the set. For example, the Ghirardelli squares come in a bigger bag at Walmart, just pick out the one you need for this project and you can use (or eat) the rest later.

*Tip: When buying bigger quantities, make sure you check the per unit price, its usually in the upper or lower left corner. It will tell you how much its costing you per ounce, peice, etc. Most of the time, buying bigger quantities at once will save you, but not always. *

Here is what you need:

Holiday Mug
Hot Cocoa Mix
Candy Stick
Chocolate Squares (I used Ghirardelli)
Foam or cardboard for filler
Red Paper Shreds
Cellophane Bags (You're going to need slightly larger than the "treat" bags, so check the craft isles.

The Ghirardelli hot cocoa and chocolate covered almonds boxes were in the Christmas candy isle. You can find some good deals here, but be careful. Sometimes they  up the price just because it says the word "Christmas".

The Santa Mug was also in the Christmas Section. He was $1.50. Yay!

Step One: Put your filler chunk in the mug, then put your red paper shreds on top.

Step Two:Next, take your cocoa mix and your candies and tape them together in size order.

Step Three: Place your items in the mug, making sure that if you have a mug with a detail on one side only (like santa) that your items face out that way.  Don't forget your candy stick! Tape the items in place so that they stand and stay upright. The photo explains better lol.

Step Four: Put your mug inside your plastic bag and tie it off with a ribbon. I found that if you tie the ribbon in a bow first and then attach it with a twist tie it looks a little bit better and its a lot easier.

And thats it! So simple and inexpensive! It looks like you bought one of those expensive ghiradelli gift sets (I saw one of walmart for $32. Yikes!) but you really only spent like $5-10 depending on the mug you pick.

I hope you enjoyed day one of Holiday Boot Camp! Check back tomorrow for the next gift!
If you have any questions, comments, or tips for me, be sure you leave me a little message in the comment box!

See you tomorrow babies!
<3 miss emily

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  1. Cute idea. You should also do your cake-in-a-mug in a mug. It would be a great gift idea with the mug included.