Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp: Day Seven: Hol-lie-day Surprises!

Holiday Boot Camp At Last!

Technical difficulties have kept me away from my blog for far too long!

Question: If I post this just after midnight, but I haven't gone to bed yet, can I still claim this is Saturday's post?


Today's craft is at the request of one of my friends. Her mother would like me to show my take on a holiday/candy/money lei. Soo here goes!

Today's Craft: Happy Holly-lies!

Today's Tip: Technologically inadequate is not sufficient. Huh? Google is your friend...

Here's what you need:
-Holiday colored candies (Any colors will work but make sure you at least get red for the holly berries!)
-plastic wrap
-curling ribbon
-Red Ribbon to finish it off.

Let's get crackin'

Step One: Lay out your plastic wrap across your table. Then evenly(ish) space your candies in a line down the middle of your plastic.

 Step Two: Fold your plastic wrap in half over your candies, making sure that they stay mostly in place. Continue to fold in half until you can no longer do so.
Step Three: Cut your ribbon into 6 inch pieces. The tie a ribbon between each candy leaving the ends free (no bows).

Now curl the ends!
Gently set this to the side of your workspace. Time to make some holly leaves!

Step Four: Take your dollar bill and fold it in half lengthwise. Then do it again, creasing it each time. Unfold one time. Then, fold your corners in towards the raised side of your crease.

Step Five: This part is a little tricky/weird. Starting directly below the folded corner, you are going to pinch in the side of the dollar.

This is going to help to make your dollars look like holly leaves.
Step Six: Fold your dollar on a diagonal twice. This will create the two leaf effect and helps to keep the folded corners hidden.
Step Seven: Now its time to attach the holly leaves to you lei. Tie two pieces of ribbon to your red candies. Then, tie the candy to the lei, slipping the dollar bill leaves in between the candy and the lei.

Step Eight: Add another holly leaf to the other side facing in the opposite direction. This way, when someone wears the lei both sets of leaves will be facing right-side up. Add another holly in the center, facing upward.
Step Nine: Time to tie the ends! Over lap the two ends securing them with a ribbon. Be sure to double knot it so it doesn't fall apart.
Step Ten: Add a fancy bow to the top. The bow will be in the back when worn, but it adds a nice flare overall.

That's it! Easy peasy! P.s. Do you like how I'm big pimping with my one dollar bills? Oh Yea.... You could definitely use like twenties, or hundreds.

Soo I asked my dad if he would mind trying it on so I could check the length. The following ensued:

Happy Holidays Guys! Check back soon for more Holiday Boot Camp!!

<3 emily


  1. This is me on Jonathan's account! OMG the photos of your dad are so great! Thanks again for doing this! Holly-lei = <3

  2. Haha I was like, why is Jonathon so interested in crafting? ;)

    My dad is such a silly. I told him I was taking the pictures for my blog and then when I put them on my blog he got mad. haha.