Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp: Day Three: Can I get S'more?

Hey there crafties!

Are you ready for bootcamp day three??

Todays Gift/Craft: S'mores Kits!
Today's Tip: Don't leave the marshmallows in you black car while you're in Goodwill.

Aren't they cute! It is a s'mores kit complete with roasting stick and instructions. Uhm. Guys, I have to tell you a secret. I had no idea that Marshmallow had no e's in it. I ALWAY thought it was marshMELLOW. Epic life fail.


What you need:

-Hershey's chocolate bars, the bigger the better.
- Marshmallows
-Graham Crackers
- Baggies
- Small Gift Boxes
- Ribbon
-Wire Hanger
- Card Stock.
- Tissue Paper (not pictured)
What you gots to do is...

Step One: Break up your chocolate into squares and then do the same with your graham crackers.

Step Two: Put four chocolate squares in a baggie and seal it. Four Mallows in a baggie, seal. Four Graham Crackers in a baggie, seal it.

Step Three: Cut off the hook part of your wire hanger. Don't worry if you don't have wire cutters just bend it back and forth a few times, it'll break off I promise :).

Great! Now Step Four: Now, bend the hanger so that it fits inside your box! Prettify it with Ribbon! In my humble opinion ribbons and bows make everything cuter.  Like so.

Nice, while you're at it, put ribbons on your chocolate, grahams, and mallows too. :)

Step Five:  Put a sheet of red tissue paper inside your box. Then arrange your items inside the box.

Step Five: Print and cut out your inserts. I included a fun little label and a set of instructions. For a file you can print, just send me a message. :)

  Fold up your instructions so that they fit nicely inside your box.

Step Six: Fold in your red paper and place the contents sheet on top.
 Tie a ribbon on it!

And that is it homes! You have yourself your very own S'MORES KIT! Well, technically it won't be yours for long, but still, yay! You can add a fun name tag to the top if you want or put a label on the outside. Like always, make it yours!

Ok, I have to go play nice with my kitchen and clean up! See you guys tomorrow for Day Four of Holiday Boot Camp 2011!!

<3 miss emily.

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