Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp! Day Two: Chocolate Spoons

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to boot camp day two!

Today's Gift/ Craft: Chocolate Spoons!
Today's Tip: Water and Chocolate, good in books, bad in baking.

If you are wondering "Chocolate spoons? What on earth?", I can help you. Chocolate Spoons are plastic spoons covered in chocolate. When you stir coffee or hot cocoa, they melt into it adding a fun flavor. I made milk chocolate and white chocolate ones.

This is a great gift for coworkers at the office, especially coworkers that are merely acquaintances, or ones that you speak to rarely. Its a nice gesture but not overboard.

Now the fun part!

You need:

-Chocolate Chips (Milk, white, or both)
-Wax paper
-Small treat bags
-Card Stock

What to do:

Step One: Cover a baking sheet with wax paper to place your covered spoons onto. Make sure you use wax paper so that the spoons will lift right off once they're cool.

Step Two: Measure out a cup of chocolate chips and put them in a microwave safe bowl. Be sure that the bowl you are using is completely dry. Even a tiny drop of water will cause the chocolate to become chunky and funky.

I used a tablespoon of oil when melting my chips because I've found in the past that this makes the chocolate easier to work with. You do NOT have to do it. If you skip that part, your spoons will still be fine. :)

Microwave your chocolate chips for about thirty seconds then stir them gently. Microwave them again in 15 second intervals until it is smooth and creamy. Make sure that you don't over cook or scald the chocolate.

Step Three: Cover your spoons! Dip your spoons in the melted chocolate, making sure to completely coat both sides.

Step Four: Gently place your spoons on the wax paper so that they do not touch each other.

Step Five: Sprinkle Baby, Sprinkle!

Step Six: Let them cool for a few minutes, then place them in the fridge to harden.
Repeat steps 1-6 with the white chocolate.

Step Seven: Once your spoons have cooled enough, they will lift right off the wax paper.

Cover each spoon in a treat bag. Your bags will probably be too big so trip the edges. To save bags I cut them in half, taping the open end. Secure the bag with a twisty.

Step Eight: Now you have some choices to make. You can either tie a small bow around each one, or pair them together in three or fours and tie them with a big ribbon.

You can stop here, or you can add little name cards to them. I would normally print them out, buuutt there were some technical difficulties, so hand printed here we come.

There you have it: Chocolate Spoons. A fun, cheap and easy (but still thoughtful) little something to pass out to coworkers during the holidays. You can also use them as party favors if you have a holiday get together, or as gifts for your children's classmates.

Make sure you experiment too. Add different sprinkles, or try breaking up a candy cane and getting some peppermint action up in there! Make it yours!

I hope you enjoy making chocolate spoons this holiday season, and don't forget to make a couple extra just for you!

<3 miss emily!

P.S. Don't forget to check back often for more holiday boot camp ideas!

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