Monday, January 2, 2012


So its officially 2012. Congrats planet, we made it.

 I've been going through my blue period lately, where I feel like I'm not really doing anything in my life. I saw a lot of people online recapping their year and I thought "Awesome, I haven't done anything."

Then I stopped and thought about everything that has happened in the last year and you know what?!

It was a really busy, event filled year.

I accepted my first post-university full time job. Granted, its not my dream job, but I have paid vacation and health benefits sooo I'll take it.
This is a photo from the brochure for the ESL school that I work for.

I walked across the stage and received a very hard earned degree in English. I technically finished in December of 2010, but there is only one commencement in May so I had to wait to walk. AND I got to walk with people I love and cherish, my best friend Christina and my dear friend Colleen.
Left to right: Mike, Colleen, Me and Christina.

I had the honor of standing next to my best friend in world while she married the love of her life. Let tell you, being the maid of honor is harder than i thought, but so fun and so worth it! (And Christina, when I turn into bridezilla, just remember that family climbing on the rocks. )

I watched two of my other very good friends get married.
Michelle and Ryan. Unfortunately, I have no pictures with the happy couple, but I had a great time!

Rachel (the bride), some friends, and I.
Photo with the Groom Andrew!

My family welcomed some little ones into our lives. My cousin Ryan and his wife Nicole brought the adorable Kaia into our lives.

Little Kaia Faith sleeping in my arms. SO cute!

She's growing so fast!

And my cousins Michael and Sarah had the adorable Alexa.
Alexa and the keepsake blanket I made for her!

Two of my other cousins announced their expecting. Hellooo Baby Boom!

My boyfriend and I went to Boston and I fell in love with that place. The architecture. The scenery. Everything.
Jason and I at Rowes Warf

Some of the stunning homes that we saw.

Yea, I went to Harvard... for like a day.

In December, we celebrated our seven year anniversary by going to San Francisco. While I didn't fall quite in love with San Fran as I did with Boston, I did love the fall/winter weather, with all the changing leaves.

Then like a week later I went to Palm Dessert for two days haha. I did a LOT of traveling in 2011, well a lot for me.

I went to see my little sis Ashley from DZ. She has a new job at the Marriot out there. I am SO proud of her.
I started crafting more and got my first sewing machine from my Aunt Angie. I am still learning and so excited! She also helped me get started at craft fairs and on etsy. (You can see my shop here :

I started this blog!
This was my first post. Check it out:

And my other blog:

I started to lead a more healthy lifestyle, trying to maintain a mostly vegan diet.It works homes, not only do I feel a ton better but I lost weight too.
Before: A Big Mess

Now: Healthy work in Progress
And before I knew it, 2011 was over. I've officially been out of college for an entire year. Emotionally its been a bumpy road, but I made it through. I've been really busy with my job and family in for the holidays, and mildly out of money because of Holiday Boot Camp haha, but I pledge to blog more consistently from now on! <3

 I am so glad I decided to start crafting, blogging, and living life to the fullest. I was feeling kind of down (I'm also sick. Great 2012, bring it.) but typing this post reminded me of all of the little things I have accomplished this year.

I have so many more fun ideas to do and share. I can't wait!

I hope 2012 is as fun, ribbon and glue, true love, happy, laughing, travel, and adventure filled as 2011 for me and for you.

As always, be sure to make it yours!

<3 emily

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