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Diaper Cakes and Baby Showers

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My office is full of mamas-to-be (as is the rest of my life haha). We having countless showers and gift giving opportunities.

Here are some pictures from a shower we had a few weeks ago. They were taken with my phone because I forgot my camera so they aren't the highest of quality lol.

The Mamas with the blankets I made for them!

One of our adorable mamas named Liu works for two departments (thats the simple explanation lol) and she had a second shower this week with the other department.

About an hour before her surprise shower my coworker comes to my desk and goes "Uhm, we need your help upstairs" and that was all she said. I went upstairs and they had blue streamers, balloons and that was it, sitting on the table. They were like, HELP! We don't know how to decorate haha. I grabbed some stuff I had in my desk and threw together last minute decorations haha. Here is how it looked:

I don't know if you can see but there are several big boxes of diapers in the background. I have always wanted to make a diaper cake since my aunt made one for my cousins shower. I asked if I could use some of the diapers to make the cake and they said sure! I

I decided to show you guys how to put together a diaper cake too!

I made it at my desk so sorry for all the stuff in the background.

Ok Here is what you need:

A box of diapers
Rubber Bands in multiple sizes
Something to top the cake with (Stuffed animal, toy, bottle etc)
Cake Rounds (You can get these from Michaels) OR you can cut a round out of the left over box.

*If you use a plain ribbon, you may want something to decorate the ribbon with. Since I had to use what I had in my desk I used crepe paper and little things I bought from the dollar store from the other shower.

Lets get this show on the road!

Step One: You have to roll up the diapers and secure them with a rubber band:

Step Two:Once you have rolled up the individual diapers, you have to rubber band them all together to make a layer. This is why you need the larger rubber bands.

Now you have a top layer

Step Three: Start by making a copy of your top layer, then, surround your circle with another layer of diapers. Secure with a rubber band. Repeat for the bottom. Depending on what size diapers you use, how many layers you want, and how big you want each layer, you are going to use a different number of diapers. For this reason, you need to make sure that you buy enough diapers.

Step Four: You need a cake bottom to polish the look of your cake. You can buy cake rounds from Michaels for pretty cheap. Since I was at my office I didn't have the option so I made one from the empty diaper box.

Trace around the outside of your bottom layer to make sure it is the right size

I covered it with wrapping paper, but you can always paint yours.
Ok. Back to the cake.

Step Five: To hide your rubber bands and add some color, you are going to wrap a ribbon around each layer. Before you do this, make sure all of the rubber bands of in the middle of the diaper and not willy nilly all over the place.

When you tape the ribbon, make sure you do NOT TAPE IT TO THE DIAPERS, instead tape the ribbon to itself like so:
If your ribbon is too sheer, you can just double up :)

Step Six: Stack your layers. Add decorations! You have several options for the top of the cake. You can do the baby's name, add a simple center piece from the dollar store, a baby bottle, a stuffed toy. The options are endless.

In the end, I chose to combine the name into the center piece thing that I had in my desk.

Here is Mama Liu and her cake!

I am so happy for Liu and her family! Can't wait to meet the little boy soon! We are really going to miss her at the office though..

I hope that this little tutorial helps you guys. You can totally do WAY more than I did to make yours super fancy. Change the colors, pink, flowers, toys, etc. As always, make it yours.

If you do make one, make sure that you post a photo so I can see! Also, if you have made one before and have some tips, please sure!

<3 miss emily

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