Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doggies and Daisies

So, if you remember, my mom is in the hospital. A lot of love has been pouring out for her which is nice. One of my favorite things she has received so far are these flowers.

At first, they're flowers, but if you look again, its a puppy dog! The carnations are arranged to look like a puppy dog sitting in a patch of daisies! I LOVE it.

Hope this brightened your day.

<3 miss emily.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hi my lovelies,

Someday baby is about to be pretty random and sporadic over the next few months. Yesterday my step mom suffered from a stroke. She is alive, awake, and mobile, but it affected the language part of her brain. She has an itty bitty vocabulary right now, but she seems to understand what were saying most of the time.

I am sitting in her room waiting for her to get back from her MRI for the morning. I'll let you guys know what is going on when I can, but there will probably be a lack of crafts over the next few months.

All my love,
Miss Emily.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Impromptu Picnic Pick-me-up!

Happy Hump Day everybody!

I hope you all are having a fantabulous week so far! Wednesdays mark the halfway point of the week. I'm really starting to drag.

My boyfriend decided we should grab some dinner and head to the beach for a quick picnic pick-me-up.

We were maybe there for like 45 minutes, but it was a nice little calm moment in a crazy week.

 See you all next time!

<3 miss emily

Crafty Cell Coupons!

I thought I'd take a few minutes to share a money saving tip with you my crafty friends. Both Michael's and Joanns have apps you can download to your phone. These apps contain project ideas, the weeks sales, and COOUUPPOONNSS!!!!!

To be honest, I pretty much only use these suckers for the coupons.

Here are some pictures of the Joanns app on my phone:
The App when you first log in:

When you first click on the coupons link:

It will give you a list of coupons:

You can add the coupons you want to "your wallet"

When you are ready to pay, click on the coupon. This screen will pop up. Hand your phone to the cashier, they will type in the code.

 Aaand now Michaels. I really prefer the Michael's app.Its essentially the same, but with a lot less steps. Also, the coupon that comes up has a bar code so the cashier just has to scan it instead of type in a long code. Downside? Michaels does not offer as many coupons as Joanns does.

I love not having to cut and carry coupons with me. I always forget those babies but I never forget my phone.

Hope this tip helps save you some money!

<3 miss emily

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Braids and Pearls

So while browsing pinterest at home with my swollen face, I came across this really cute braid with a strand of pearls in it.

So pretty right? I had to try it. Here is my version:

I think it looks pretty cute! I definitely think it looks better on blonde hair though. Its a little too much contrast on brunettes. 

Have you ever tried this before? How did it look? Post a picture below!

I think I might try a different kind of bead or something. Hmm. What do you guys think?

Like I always say, make it yours!

Also, a coworker of mine had never heard of "the sock bun". There are actually two different ways to do a sock bun. Do you guys want a tutorial?
<3 miss emily.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Leopard Nails!!

Hey guys! I decided to paint my nails in a fun funky leopard print that's super easy, it even looks good on my right hand lol.

I thought you all might want to come along...

What you need:

Here we go...

Start with a base coat:
please excuse my gross dry cuticles, can't seem to keep them moisturized.
 Paint several dots in your second color on each nail:

Outline your dots with a third color, in this case  black. Add a few extra smaller marks in black.

And see its so easy I even did my right hand!

This is such an easy design, and so simple to change it around! Make it yours and leave me a photo in the comments.

<3 miss emily

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bride to Be in Orange and Green

Hey lovelies! Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I had my wisdom teeth taken out. It wasn't pretty.

Aaannnyyywaaayy ;)

Yesterday was the bridal shower for my cousin Christine. You may remember the diy party favor candles I posted a while back.  My Aunt Becky asked if I would help with decorations. Everything was to be in the Bride's wedding colors: Orange and Green.

I didn't make everything myself, but I thought I'd share some of the photos with you guys for inspiration.

I made the banner using clipart on picnic then cut out the circles and strung it up. :)

This "cake" was actually made of mini purses containing small chocolates. Every guest got a "slice".

I hope you all feel inspired!! It was a rainy gloomy day out, but the bright orange and green brightened up our seaside bridal shower.

It was a fun afternoon and a great chance to see friends and family. Speaking of family, here is my favorite picture from the day. Me and my "niece" Alexa. She has the biggest stinkin' smile. Soo cute!

See you all next post.

<3 miss emily

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rainbow Bright: Tutu Tutorial

Hi Friends!

I have moved!! Check out my new site: !!

See you there!!

I don't think there is anything cuter on a little girl than a tutu! There are just so fun and so completely girly. My niece Kaia has a birthday coming up and her mama asked me if I could make her a rainbow tutu to match her cute candy theme. I said "Of course!"

I realized I've made a million tutus, but I've never shared a how-to with you guys. So here it is. An easy (mostly) no sew tutu tutorial!

So you're going to want to buy a lot of tulle and the amount depends on the size of your little one and how long you want it to be. When buying fabric, I always tend to buy a little extra. For this tutu, I bought two yards of each color, for a total of 8 yards. I really only needed about a yard and a half of each color. Obviously, you can just buy all one color.

What you need:
- Sharp scissors
-Ribbon/ any thing you want to add for decoration

The thing about tutus is that they are really easy to make but they can be rather time consuming depending on the size. Also, the cost of your tutu can vary dramatically. If you use a regular matte colored tulle it is about $1.50/ yard at our local Joanns. If you use fancy glitter tulle it is about $5.00/ yard. That is a huge cost difference. I chose to use "Shiney" tulle for about $2.00/yard. Elastic is super cheap. The only other thing that might bring up your bill is whether or not you want to decorate it with gems or ribbons etc. I like to use ribbon because its classic and girly and I always have some extra laying around.

Also, make sure your scissors are sharp. Otherwise they will catch on the tulle and it looks yucky.

Here wee goo!

Ok, if you have to buy your tulle by the yard like I do, its going to be folded in half width wise. You are going to need to lay your fabric out flat and then carefully cut along the fold. Don't separate the pieces when you are done. Leave them laying on top of each other.

Next:Fold your tulle in half longways one time. Cut at the fold. 

You should now have four pieces of fabric on top of each other. Now your going to fold it in half width wise and in half again. Repeat until you have a small "roll" .

Folding it like this makes it easier to cut straight neat strips of fabric faster. Now you are going to cut the fabric into small sections. Don't "unroll" them yet.

Repeat for all of your different colors.

Moving on! Cut the length of elastic that you need for your tutu wearer. Don't worry too much, elastic is stretchy so you don't have to be 100% exact. The only sewing involved? Sew together the ends. :) Now hide that needle and thread in the closet again ;).

So now you have the elastic "belt", but how are you going to attach the tulle?

I like to wrap my elastic around something so that I don't have to worry about holding it and tying stuff on. I've seen people use their feet to hold it before, but that kind of grosses me out. I usually try and find a box or something that's the right size. In this case, it was a boy scout kettle corn box. (Those poor boy scouts. How are they supposed to compete with cookies??)

Next take one of your tulle "slices" containing the four strips of fabric. Holding the four pieces together, you are going to tie it onto your elastic band.

Now repeat alternating colors until you have filled up the band.

Tadah! You have your very own rainbow tutu! You can stop here, but I always like to add at least a ribbon or something. Also, you can smooth out your tulle to separate the colors, or fluff it up for more volume. Whichever you prefer.

Super simple and adorable. You can cut your strips shorter or use more ribbons and gems. Whatever suits your style. Like I always say, make it yours. <3

A little word of advice: While you may be super excited to use sparkletastic glitter tulle, please note, no matter how high the quality, it will shed glitter all over your house. This may upset your husband, son, boyfriend, father who gets laughed at at work for having glitter on his shirt. Just saying, I warned you.

Post a photo below of your tutu! I can't wait to see what people create!!

Wishing you all candy and rainbow tutu filled days,
<3 miss emily