Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crafty Cell Coupons!

I thought I'd take a few minutes to share a money saving tip with you my crafty friends. Both Michael's and Joanns have apps you can download to your phone. These apps contain project ideas, the weeks sales, and COOUUPPOONNSS!!!!!

To be honest, I pretty much only use these suckers for the coupons.

Here are some pictures of the Joanns app on my phone:
The App when you first log in:

When you first click on the coupons link:

It will give you a list of coupons:

You can add the coupons you want to "your wallet"

When you are ready to pay, click on the coupon. This screen will pop up. Hand your phone to the cashier, they will type in the code.

 Aaand now Michaels. I really prefer the Michael's app.Its essentially the same, but with a lot less steps. Also, the coupon that comes up has a bar code so the cashier just has to scan it instead of type in a long code. Downside? Michaels does not offer as many coupons as Joanns does.

I love not having to cut and carry coupons with me. I always forget those babies but I never forget my phone.

Hope this tip helps save you some money!

<3 miss emily

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