Sunday, April 1, 2012

My New Favorite Thing.

I know I've been MIA for a while, but this, this is important

Anyone who knows me knows my love for coffee, more specifically, STARBUCKS. I love iced coffee more than pretty much anything else, but I'm really picky.

I've tried making iced coffee at home and I can never get it to taste right.

Weeelllll the other day at the hospital with my mom we were watching tv and a commercial came on for this International Delights Iced Coffee and it looked good. When I was at the store I saw that it was only $3.97. I figured what the hell, thats the price of one Starbucks, if I don't like it oh well.


You guys.

Its delicious.

I'm not even kidding you. Its like the perfect balance. I HIGHLY recommend it. I ended up buying another one.

It comes in Original, Mocha, and Vanilla. So far I've had the Mocha. So good, just the right amount of sweet, not overly chocolate.

Its super easy to make. Shake the carton. Put ice in your glass, pour over ice. DONE. Seriously. so good.

Take it with you, travel mug status.

Try it!

<3 miss emily

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