Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pink and Zebra Baby Shower Gift

Hi Friends!

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Hi lovelies!

Sorry I've been MIA, still trying to work and take care of the madre. Adult life is hard haha. <3

I hope all of you are loved, healthy, and happy.

I just thought I'd put together a quick post to show you the baby shower gifts I made for my cousin Sunshine and her new little girl to be Skyleigh. No tutorials this time, just a little inspiration.

Here's some of the stuff in it:

I cut the top off the diaper box and put all the stuff inside instead of buying a basket like I normally do.

Here are some pictures of the finished products.

The blanket is hot pink on one side and zebra on the other side. <3
Hope you feel inspired!!

<3 miss emily.


  1. Where did you get all of this zebra stuff from?

  2. Hey Steph! The Zebra ribbon and tissue paper came from Walmart. The other zebra items I made. If there's something that you see that you like, let me know! I can make it for and put a reserved listing in etsy. :)