Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little Manly Man: Mustache Pacifiers

So last weekend, I showed you the mustache pacifiers that I gave to my friend Michelle for her baby shower. I got the idea from pinterest and thought you might like to see how I made them. :)

Plain binkie on the left and mustache binkie on the right. Doesn't it look so much more fun!

All you need is some pacifiers, felt, and a hot glue gun.

First: cut a mustache out of your felt. I used stiffened felt because I thought it would sit better. You can either trace a mustache on there or freehand cut t like I did. Here is a pattern you can use.

Next, hot glue your felt mustache onto the binkie and you are done!

Let me know what you think in the comments!!

<3 miss emily


  1. I love it! My kids and dogs love it!

    1. Your dogs? Do you put them on dog toys?! That is genius!

  2. way too cute! unfortunately none of my babies ever took a paci!!! maybe a photo prop is best! haha, yeah right.

    1. If they don't take a paci, you can put them on bottles too! It doesn't line up as perfect, but it'll still make for some pretty cute photos! <3