Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halow-uuuh Uh Oh

Hi Friends!

I have moved!! Check out my new site: www.froelichmeanshappy.com !!

See you there!!

You guuuuuyys!

I had the WORST realization today. Ok. I might be overreacting just a smudge, but really. Halloween is right around the corner.

And I'm starting a new job in two weeks. At a new office. With new people.

And I have NO idea what/how they feel. My current place of employment is big on Halloween and I always ALWAYS decorate and I always dress up.

What if they don't do that at the new place?

I'm going to be DEVASTATED!

Ugh. I don't want to think about it, I'm just going to visit with the ghosts of halloweens past.

Here are some of my favorite posts from previous Halloweens at work.

KBrown as Max from Where the Wild Things Are
Me as Minnie Mouse

So funny story about the Minnie Mouse costume. I realized like ten minutes before work that the halloween party was that day and not actually on halloween and i hadn't finished my costume for the year. Sooo I threw on an old polka dot dress from my closet and glued some black circles to a head band.


We have this little Japanese lady in accounting who looks tiny and adorable, but we call her the BullDog. She's fierce, but really, she's mostly harmless and always slightly off in her pop culture references.

So. Alllllll day that day she's looking at me funny, with this super quizzical look. I could see the cogs moving but couldn't figure out what the machine was working on.

At the end of the day she looks at me and I see the lightbulb turn on. "Ooooh I know what you are! Playboy Bunny!"



.... "No!! I'm Minnie Mouse!"

We still laugh about it after all this time.

Attack of the decorations!

Copout costume. But hey, I had class at the university right before and right after work. And it wasn't actual Halloween because Halloween was on the weekend.

Our students had the most amazing and unique costumes. I'm just a nerd trying to be gangta. Not sure if its the tutu or the glasses thats holding me back.....

Some of the costumes are terrifying.

Some are spitting images!

Always have pumpkin carving!

Maybe its noooot such a good idea to give the students weapons........

Tuyen as a Pirate! 
My super Yummy Vegan Mummy Cupcakes!

The Red Queen!

Dude I have so many more photos! I could go on for daaaays!

I really hope the new school does Halloween!

<3 Miss Emily

P.S. If you want to make sure I feel loved, leave me a comment below! Let me know what your favorite Halloween costume was. Does your office/work place dress up for Halloween?

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Open the Door.

I originally started this blog as not just a crafty-here's-how-to-do-things/be-inspired-by-things blog but an all around representation of me. While crafting and baking is a HUGE part of who I am, its not all there is to me.

I'm snarky and quirky and loud and I have big dreams that I try desperately to cling to.

I wanted to share with the world things I've been through, things I've seen and done, things I long to do and adventures we can share together.

I really want to branch out with my blog just as I'm branching out into this new adventure.

I want to share with you more than just crafts and I hope that you will share with me your thoughts, opinions, hopes and dreams.

And maybe we'll conquer the world together, maybe someday - baby.

<3 miss emily

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dare you to Move

Hi all!

I bet you've been wondering where I have been!

Welll I've been busy beezies.

If you didn't know, I've been commuting over an hour to work for the past two-ish years. I had fallen out of love with my job and driving 95 miles round trip to a job I wasn't stoked about was really bringing me down.

They changed my hours too and I wasn't getting home until 7:30 at night. I had no time for anything and I fell into a slump with no desire to do anything but sleep.


I got a new job! I'll be working in Student Life and Leadership at a university 20 minutes from my house! I'm so happy and super excited to start something new. Its going to be sad to leave a place I've been since I was 21, but its time to make a move.

Aaand the mascot for the new school is a cougar. Yup. I'm going to be a cougar. Awesome. Let the jokes begin haha.


I'll have tons of more time to craft and blog and share fun type things with you all now.

and since this has been a super weird emo post, I'll share some photos I shared on Facebook and instagram just so you can see what my life has been like and aren't tooootally lamed out by this.

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Went to Disneyland for my 25th Birthday!

Dole Whip! Yuuummm!! It was like 202838 degrees.

Puppy got her Halloween Costume: Wide Retriever!

My Goddaughter Claire Bear being adorns as usual.
Apparently I transform into Hagrid over night....Time for a new do!

New Do!


Claire Bear and Aunty Em <3

Le sigh, call me a cougar if you must

Yea ok, the office needs to end before it really gets bad, but I'll miss this face!

We said goodbye to the ponds, and I cried!

And last but not least this actually happened. They stopped by outside our office and gave away free starbucks. Not EEEEVEN joking.

Miss em is EXCITED for free Starbucks!!
That's it loves! I promise to update more regularly now that I'll be home before bed time.

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Oookay, time to watch Once Upon a Time!

<3 miss emily.