Monday, October 8, 2012

Open the Door.

I originally started this blog as not just a crafty-here's-how-to-do-things/be-inspired-by-things blog but an all around representation of me. While crafting and baking is a HUGE part of who I am, its not all there is to me.

I'm snarky and quirky and loud and I have big dreams that I try desperately to cling to.

I wanted to share with the world things I've been through, things I've seen and done, things I long to do and adventures we can share together.

I really want to branch out with my blog just as I'm branching out into this new adventure.

I want to share with you more than just crafts and I hope that you will share with me your thoughts, opinions, hopes and dreams.

And maybe we'll conquer the world together, maybe someday - baby.

<3 miss emily

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