Saturday, November 24, 2012

Farewell to a Friend.

Whenever I think of Grace I always think of a. her accent b. her sassitude and c. this picture of her in Paris that Margit has on her computer. I think this one I found on the ALI website is that same photo.

She is just so happy and full of life in the picture which is how she always was to me. Even when she was mad at some student for being an idiot, there was just this passion that exuded from her that made people happy.

Grace was such a firecracker (as every redhead should be). Whenever I was down or frustrated, she'd pop off with some one liner that would make me laugh so hard I cried. Or got the hiccups which apparently she thought was hilarious.

Grace was a work friend, meaning someone I came to know and love through my office. We didn't really spend time together outside of work, but considering you spend most of your waking hours working, those individuals have a big impact on your life. She taught me about professionalism and dedication. She taught me to have all the sass in the world but still carry yourself with class. As a colleague, she is someone I looked up to and admired.  Although I don't work at ALI anymore, her passing still ways heavy on my heart.

Another thing you should know about Grace, and what I will ALWAYS remember, is her uncanny ability to be standing behind me whenever I'm being awkward. If I was picking something from my teeth in the bathroom mirror, she'd walk in. If I was adjusting my outfit at my desk, there she was. If I stubbed my toe, she'd be there. Laughing. Hysterically. at me.

I think that's why so many weird things happened to me today. I forgot to buy tissues so I stole Starbucks napkins, my hair was a mess, I stepped in a puddle, spilt food down my top, just little stupid things I would always get caught doing.

I'm so glad I got to pay my respects to her at her service today, because that is what she deserved: my love, admiration and respect.

I love ya Grace! See you on the other side.

<3 emily.

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  1. Sass and class - a great way to describe Grace. =)