Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Friendly Feast

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If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with coworkers that is easy and doesn’t put anyone out during an already busy time, try the Friendly feast.

I know, you’re thinking dear God, not the Turkey. Not more turkey!!

Don’t make turkey then! Everyone brings a favorite dish from their childhood, be it thanksgiving related or not. They also bring the recipe to share with everyone! If they send you a digital file, you could always compile them into a book!

Everyone only has to make one thing and you end up with a huge spread, see below:

Here is the table! I was so SO freaking upset yo. I went to Michael’s and they had NO freaking Thanksgiving ANYTHING left. An entire week before the holiday. What the actual freak?!

For place cards, I took tiny glittered pumpkins (which I found in a box under a display at Michael’s) and added little paper leaves with their names on them. For the vine, just cut a tiny strip of paper and tightly wind it around a pencil, being sure to pull snugly. It will stayed curled!

The napkin rings were a GENIUS idea from my coworker. She added quotes from others about how our office has impacted their lives. So cute!

I made green bean casserole but I forgot to take a picture!! It was SO stinking good!

Best part? I get to use my table decorations for thanksgiving at my house since I’m hosting this year! Yay!

You can totally do a potluck thanksgiving for your family too!!

Did you have a holiday party at your office? Share some pictures in a comment below!
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