Monday, November 12, 2012

Media Monday: What I've been up to!

Hi all! I know I've been away for a while. I've been getting settled into my new job. For today's Monday night post, I thought I'd just check in for a few minutes and share with you, let's call it media Monday! Here are all the photos I've shared on Instagram since the last time we chatted.

Me in the interactive exhibit at the local art museum

Adding my piece to the exhibit

I started my new job! This was waiting for me on my first day!

Starbucks on campus yo!

I was chatting with my boyfriend on FaceTime and Cat decided to make an appearance.

One of my favorite things on pinterest.


I bought my first bathrobe! Its pink and fluffy and comfy and I love it!

We found E BAY. Its in Newport haha.

Adorable house on Balboa Island in Newport

I was a Date Stamp for Halloween. The entire department went as office supplies. See below.

Passing out candy with my step mom.

emily roll!! and its vegetarian. BOO yeah

Lady Dog!!

Kelsey and I before the Color Run 
Pretending its fall even though its hot as heck in SD these days.

Faces I miss.

Fall Faves

Receptionista Natural. My hair just dried like that!

Where I wish I was 90% of the time.

Friday Meal Time


I couldn't resist burning a cinnamon candle.

Sewing away!

Leopard and Coffee. Nothing better.

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My username is somedaybaby !

Until next time!

miss emily.

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