Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year, New Everything!

The first thing thing I did to freshen up for the new year was to cut my hair!

I've been wanting to grow my hair reaaaally long but it was just unmanageably... well... messy.

I have this super ridonk hair that is straight on top, curly/wavy on the bottom and just a poofy frizzy nightmare all over.

To understand how bad it really is, I need to show you. If I comb my wet hair and let it air dry, an hour later it looks like I have never brushed my hair. Below is an example of my hair an hour after combing wet hair and blowdrying almost all the way. Also, I have zero makeup of any kind on. Be nice internet, be nice...

The photo you are about to see may be graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

The ends were just so damaged from years of coloring and flat irons and curling wands.

But I didn't want to go get my hair because to be honest I'm kind of a cheap ass. Receptionists don't exactly make bank you know. Sooooo I took to hacking away at it myself.

Heres the new look:

It feels so much nicer and healthier. Gah! Love.It.

I think my next task will be coloring it this color:
My friend who knows I want to color my hair a dark reddy color sent me this. I think she got it from pinterest. Its perfect. I used to have dark red hair.

I miss it!

Thats next on my list, for now, I'm just happy with this before and after!

And thats the new so far. New look for me and my bloggy. Hope you are all enjoying the new year!

Loves ya beezies.

<3 miss emily

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