Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Not four years, for life.

Hi Friends!

I have moved!! Check out my new site: www.froelichmeanshappy.com !!

See you there!!

So yeeaaa. I tried to do  DIY Lauren Conrad top and it did NOT work out.....  Ive been working on it off and on for like a week. I finished it late last night, hoping I could post about it today on my lunch. NOPE. FAIL!

And now I'm exhausted at work for nothing!

I'm going to try again even though I wasted all that pretty fabric. :(

So today, I'll talk about something different. Here on the campus I work on, recruitment season is coming for all of the sororities.

If you are in college and thinking about joining a sorority, do it.

Even if you're a sophmore.

Even if you're a transfer, I was.

Even if you don't think you're the "sorority type".

It will literally be the most amazing experience of your life.

While the matching shirts are an amazing bonus, you get so much more out of it.

 You get amazing friends you call sisters who are part of your heart and life forever.
 You learn about helping others and how good it makes you feel to see your efforts make a difference in someone's life.
 You end up with the most amazingly redonk inside jokes that make you life for years after you graduate.
 You get a little! Who will love and adore you almost as much as you love and adore her. Its an AMAZING feeling to welcome someone into your life and watch them get SO excited when they find out that you're their big!
 You celebrate holidays with mini parties at your house.
 You learn to be a leader and how to use your specific skills to your benefit.
 You also learn to work as part of a team and that sometimes the most helpful thing you can do is show up and smile.
 You find a home. A group of girls who are like you in many ways and different in ways that help you grow.
 You find people who inspire you to be a better version of yourself. You learn things about yourself you never knew.
You get to dress up real pretty and go out on the town ;)

 It makes your campus feel so much more than a home than a bunch of buildings you take class in. It makes college a life changing experience and not just a series of classes.

 You feel AMAZING when new girls are happy to join. And you make amazing connections. This is Bianca from theinbetweengirls.com on her very first day as a DZ. Love her face.
 Hot cocoa and cuddles with movies on rainy days

 You learn to be brave, try new things you have never done.
 You learn to help others make good choices in their lives.

Overall, it will change your life in all the right ways.

If you are even considering it, do it!

Ok, enough of our trip down memory lane. Back to work!

<3 miss emily

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