Monday, January 21, 2013

Sometimes You Get Lost.

The last two weeks have been kiiiiind of crappy. As you all know my aunt passed, then i got REALLY REALLY sick. I haven't been able to do any of the crafting I have wanted to do.

But, let's focus on the positive! My online classes start tomorrow! Yay! I am SO excited!

One thing I have had to learn is that just because you are on a certain path, doesn't mean you can't take a turn without veering dangerously off course. Changing the direction of your dreams does not mean you are a crazy person about to do something that you will never recover from.

You can make changes, if you don't succeed, well then you the most important thing you lost was the "what if" and who wants that lying around anyway.

If you follow me on instagram (@somedaybaby) you know that my bestie is expecting a boy and I'm throwing the party! I did a small sneak peek of her invite. I'd like to share it with you! Important information has been changed to protect the innocent. ;)

What do you guys think??! I'm so excited to take this photoshop class so I can make even better thingymerbobs!!

Ok, I'm still really sick and not feeling too hot. I better get to bed so I can try and make it in to work tomorrow.

See you tomorrow for Take Me There Tuesday!!

<3 miss emily

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