Saturday, February 2, 2013

Plus Size Crack-in-a-Cup

Hi Friends!

I have moved!! Check out my new site: !!

See you there!!

Crap I learned today:

1. My favorite adorable leopard flats are the worst possible shoes to wear to the mall for four hours. BLISTERS EVERYWHERE.

2. When your (ridiculously over sensitive right) eyeball is already feeling a little under the weather, its probably not the best time to be experimenting with false lashes. Eyeball + Eyelash glue = OSETHOEHTAOHEOAHTOAH.

3. As much as I love hazelnut, I'm having an affair with vanilla. You guys, I can explain. Vanilla just tastes so much better in iced coffee than hazelnut. Why was I so resistant?!

4. Hannah Hart from My Drunk Kitchen is absolutely adorable. I love her videos! And. GET.THIS. People who know me know i'm slightly obsessed with Jenna Marbles. THEY ARE FRIENDS IN REAL LIFE!
Something that ruffled my feathers today:

WHY does forever 21, or any store that carries plus sized, put them into its own section with different clothes than the rest of the store. Why not just make the same clothes in bigger sizes? I mean really. Its so stupid. eoijsoetij.

Things you should know. I haven't forgotten about you or my crafting promises. Its just that well..... i've been failing a lot lately haha. Most of my crafts have been turning out a little less crafty and a little more crappy. Maybe I'll show them to you just for fun. Aaaanyway, I'm working on it and I'll show you something soon.

Much love home skillets.

<3 miss emily.

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