Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Take Me There Tuesday: San Clemente, CA

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The boyfriend and I hit up San Clemente’s beaches this Valentine’s Day weekend, in particular the pier. I thought you might enjoy some photos.

San Clemente is a bustling yet relaxed beach town in southern California. About an hour north of San Diego, San Clemente is essentially smack dab in the middle of your SD to LA journey.

Its got stunning landscapes and pretty accessible beaches.

It’s a different feel than San Diego or LA. Its like if SD flip-flops and LA bourgeois had a love child.

Caffeinated is motivation kids. 

The pier is a decent size, nice walk to the end on a beautiful sunny day. 

There's a cute little snack shack at the end of the pier! 

All along the pier, there are starfish clinging on, bright orange and gorgeous purple ones. Stunning!

There are tons of cute little one off, touristy cafes and shops if you’re into that kind of thing.

You can also rent paddleboards or kayaks too!!

Parking can be kind of a pain and is mostly permitted. The good news? You don’t need quarters, they take cards OR you could always take the train.

San Clemente has a HUGE surfing population, which naturally the boyfriend LOVED. J

 Here are some more miscellaneous photos from the trip.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Take Me There Tuesday!
<3 miss Emily.

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